Becoming a Billionaire

Becoming a Billionaire

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Starring: Ji Hyun-woo and Namgoong min

  • Korean Audio
  • English and Chinese subtitles
  • 16 Episodes

Oh Tae-Bong lives in a small room on the roof and studies by himself to become the successor of a chaebol (business conglomerate). He believes that he is the heir to a chaebol and his rich father hid him away in his small room. Tae-Bong turned down an offer to work at a big company, while he got a job as a houseman in a hotel.

Lee Sin-Me is a real successor to a chaebol, but still uses sample cosmetics and drinks cheap coffee from vending machines. She is driven to receive recognition from her father, who thinks woman should stay at home. She then meets Tae-Bong.

Meanwhile, Bu Tae-Hee has the perfect body and face and is a successor to a chaebol family. Chu Woon-Seok is the perfect prince of the high class.