Wu Xin The Monster Killer 3

Wu Xin The Monster Killer 3

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Starring: Elvis Han and Chen Yao

  • Chinese audio
  • English and Chinese subtitles
  • 28 Episodes

As the Tang Dynasty enters its later years, its once powerful clan experiences a steady decline. People become obsessed with the pursuit of eternal life while Wu Xin wishes for nothing more than to die and forever rest in peace.

In his travels, demon hunter Wu Xin (Elvis Han) meets the unusual Liu siblings. Older sister Qingluan (Chen Yao) is brave and headstrong while her younger brother Xuanhu (Chen Yao) is weak-willed and sly. As Wu Xin and Qingluan team up to resolve a series of bizarre incidents, they start to cherish each other over time. Qingluan falls for Wu Xin but does not dare to confess her feelings. Although Wu Xin feels the same way, he does not wish for her to waste her time on him.

When a mysterious letter arrives, they set forth on a new journey as Wu Xin escorts the two siblings back to their hometown in search of the truth. Treacherous roads lie in wait and they soon discover that the real mastermind is an old foe of Wu Xin’s along with a shocking conspiracy about gaining immortal life.